Growing Pains

I am in the thick of the growing pains right now. They hurt and keep me awake some nights. They paralyze me with fear and send me in a downward spiral of nostalgia.


A dear friend recently had a baby. As I held her sweet little bundle of joy my heart wept. Wept not for her, but for myself. I joked with her as well as my husband that her baby was, “bad news for my uterus.” Truth be told it was bad news for my heart. I realized I am in the middle of motherhood growing pains.

I am watching my daughter quickly fading out of toddlerhood while my baby is quickly approaching it. My son doesn’t look much like a baby these days and my daughter is looking older with every passing day.

18 years of being a parent and having them in your home seems like a lifetime most days, but then days like today I am reminded that 18 years comes real quick. If my husband and I do our job correctly our kids will be fleeing the nest and beginning their own adventures.

I am in the thick of the growing pains right now. They hurt and keep me awake some nights. They paralyze me with fear and send me in a downward spiral of nostalgia.

Then I am gently reminded of the truth. They are not mine. They don’t belong to me. They belong to God and He has just entrusted me to look after them here on Earth and guide them towards the truth. Keeping them little while that sounds wonderful, does nothing. They are meant to grow. They have a purpose and a calling and it’s my duty as their mother to help nurture and encourage that growth so they can become the people they were created to be. Knowing that makes days like today a little easier. Takes the pain away for a while.

So I will choose to be in the present moments with each of them. I will revel in the joyful moments as well as the hard ones. I will teach them truth. I will teach them love by showing them unconditionally; and loving them well– even when it’s hard. I will teach them joy. I will display peace and practice patience. I will teach them to be kind to others as well as to themselves. I will be gentle with them. I will lead by example in my faithfulness to God, my husband and to them so they in turn can be faithful people. I will teach them to be thankful and we together will count our blessings. Lastly I will teach them to be creatures of self-control. They will know how and when to say, “NO”, but more importantly they will be in control of  their words and actions.



This bracelet is more than a piece of jewelry or fashion statement. It’s a reminder. Every time I look down at my wrist I am reminded to pray. To pray for the 27 plus million men, women and children who are currently suffering globally– suffering because some pimp has no regard for human life and wanted to earn some extra money on the side. It’s a reminder for me to pray for those 100,000 US children who are at risk of being sexually exploited and sent into commercial sex-trade.

It’s a reminder because that bracelet was handmade by a young girl who was rescued from the commercial sex-trade industry. Check out to get your own jewelry! They are a wonderful organization making a HUGE impact on young individuals lives. They are rescuing them from sex-trade and standing up for them. They “speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.” (Proverbs 31:8)

It’s up to us to make a difference. It’s time for every one to rise together and speak on behalf of the voiceless and stand up for the rights of all who are vulnerable! It’s time to educate yourselves on the sex-trade industry and get involved. Organizations like Destiny Rescue and the others out there need us to help take a stand against sex-trade!

You can make a difference– YES YOU!

You can check out this website: and spend your money wisely!


You can check out this website: and start educating yourself and those around you about the problem!

So I am challenging each and everyone of you reading this post to do something! Share this post on your social media, with your friends and family. Educate yourself. Buy a gift for yourself or someone else from an organization that gives to help solve the problem. Let’s take stand and fight for FREEDOM!