goodbyes aren’t always bad


This is the door of our first home. It isn’t much  to look at. It isn’t painted a beautiful color nor is it attached to a house we owned. However it was our home and behind that door are moments and memories shared. We recently said goodbye to that home and that door. We said goodbye to the place my husband and I learned how to really love each other. The place we began raising our daughter and the place we brought our son home from the hospital. We were stretched in that place– stretched to grow as individuals, spouses and parents. Some of the most painful heartbreaking moments of our relationship took place in that home. Right alongside some of the most healing and restoring moments of our relationship. That home was filled with some of the most joyous moments. My husband asked me to marry him in that home. Our daughter took her first steps in that home. She spoke her first words in that home. We celebrated the conception of our son in that home. We planned a wedding in that home. That home was filled with Jesus. Filled with grace and hope. Filled with forgiveness and love. It was filled with laughter and tears. 

And it is no longer our home. We moved suddenly because of circumstances beyond our control. So we said goodbye! I of course was holding back tears as our kids said goodbye to their home. My daughter shouted, “Wahooooo” because she was moving to her new home. She was emotionally unattached to that home. As she should be for a four year old! However she taught me a lesson in that moment.

The lesson: goodbyes aren’t always bad! 

Those moments and memories don’t belong to that place. They belong to me. They happened there and I am thankful for that, but they come with me to our new home as well. Her “Wahoooo” was the perfect response to moving. We get to build a new home somewhere new and create new memories to take with us when we move into our next home. It’s exciting and exhilarting. Our new home is perfect! I love everything about it because it is still filled with all the things our other home was filled with! Mostly I love it because I have my amazing husband next to me and my two beautiful children right there too. Home really is where the heart is and no matter where our physical home may be they make that place a home. For that I am thankful. 

So goodbye old home, hello new home!