an open letter to Fibromyligia

Dear Fibromyligia,

We met about a year ago, but we’ve only just recently been formally introduced. Meeting you has been far from pleasant. You aren’t exactly a joy to be around and truthfully I was hoping our relationship was going to be short lived. Apparently you had different intentions and you plan on sticking around.

Well since you refuse to leave there’s a few things I’d like to say to you:

You are a pain. Literally. You are a thief. There’s been days you’ve robbed me of joy, rest and life. You’ve taken hugs from those I love. You’ve at times taken my children’s mother and my husbands wife from them. You’ve wreaked havoc and left chaos in your path. You breed feelings of hopelessness, confusion and frustration. You are toxic and you are no friend of mine.

 I am here to let you know you’ve messed with the wrong woman. You see I’m a fighter. I’ve dealt with bigger bullies than you and come out victorious. You can keep me from sleeping, you can attack my nerves all you’d like and you can even cause debilitating pain. You can whisper lies of hopelessness, confusion and frustration- and there may even be days when all your attempts to keep me bound to you are successful, but those moments will be fleeting.

You see you messed with a mighty warrior. I have been trained and equipped to fight. There will come a day even if it’s not on this side of heaven where you will cease to exist. I will cling to that in the midst of battle; and when I am feeling beaten and worn down by you I will call in the army I have standing behind me and they will fight for me. 

I will be undefeated by you. 


Author: Conversations Over Coffee

mother. wife. mentor. writer. avid reader. passionate.

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